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These lawn pests are called mole crickets, lawn crickets, flying moles, cricket moles, molecrickets.  Whatever you choose to call them (we call them molecrickets,) proper pest control techniques and products will cut back on control failures.

Molecrickets are the number one pest of turf in southern Alabama and Georgia, throughout Florida, and are spreading quickly along the Gulf Coastal region and Eastern Seaboard.  (Click here to see picture of 4 main molecrickets that are pests to lawns in the Southeastern United States.)  Their damage appears as brown spongy areas within normal green grass. Upon inspection you will notice the grass has been eaten just below the surface, separating the plant from its roots. Mole crickets are especially fond of Bermuda and centipede grass, but have also been found in St. Augustine lawns in the Florida Panhandle and along the Alabama coast.

Use the best products for the job!  Wasting your money on pesticides and baits that molecrickets have shown a resistance to is one of the first mistakes most people make.  In Eliminating Molecrickets article, the correct products (with basics on how they are applied to your lawn) you will see which products work for professionals and individuals that prefer to do their own pest control.  Talstar products are the best for molecricket prevention and molecricket elimination.
Timing your pesticide application is just as important as which pest control products you choose!  When to apply your pesticide is covered in Common Mistakes in Treating for Molecricket Infestations.

Use the links on this web site to understand molecrickets and how to eliminate and prevent these lawn pests from destroying your turf grass.

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